sylvia plath's revenge (vaniityx) wrote in readinglasses,
sylvia plath's revenge

i say hello

hello, hello. welcome to our secret{sort of} little book nerd gathering, inspired by dandypoet and twisted into this neat idea. i looked for good book circle type communities, but they're too impersonal. so, with all my lj friends, and friends of them, we can have a tight, focused group. the basic idea is just to post reviews of books we've read, and discuss in the comments. also, other things to post are things about the book you're currently reading, book recommendations, and general book discussion. i was also thinking we should try a book of the month club, so everyone can be {pardon the pun} on the same page with discussion. i am not the queen of this community or anything, you loves have as much say as i do. i just happened to be the one who built it. so, throw some suggestions at me. oh! and if you have any good, intelligent friends you would like to invite, send me an email at burtonesque at gmail dot com. and i know not everyone knows each other, so i'd just like for that to happen. ♥

oh, and remember to make all posts friends only to keep it all secretish!

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